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I’m Falling Apart At The Seams March 28, 2007

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I can’t believe my luck (or lack there of) with injuries over the last two weeks. Not Sunday just gone, but the Sunday before whilst I was rushing around to get ready for brunch for my Mum’s birthday, I hurt my neck. How – who knows, all I know is that I moved, and not all that suddenly, and I felt a definite pinch. The pain from moving, even just the slightest movement, got progressively worse during the day, until it became unbearable. At this point, we made a trip to the hospital – mainly because I figured it would be the only place with a physio working on a Sunday and for some advice on meds because I’m still breastfeeding. Turns out, not suprisingly, not much available in the way of medication. A physio eventually saw me, however, she was not able to treat me, only refer me for treatment the next day. Luckily I have a fantastic physio and he was able to fit me bright & early the next morning. A bit of a massage and a few ‘adjustments’ later I was able to move almost pain free. Another adjustment on Wednesday and Friday (fixing up lots of pregnancy related aches & pains) and I was feeling as good as new. Until Sunday.
This Sunday, I moved my pony, Herry, to a new temporary paddock. Unfortunately, the other horses that were in the paddock didn’t take too kindly to my little guy and proceeded to chase him to the bottom corner of the paddock, where he stayed – too afraid to move. When attempting to move him into a smaller paddock to feed him, the big ones (3 of them) decided he was too close and chased him again. This time I was on the other end of the lead rope and as a result of him going one way and my arm going the other, my shoulder ended up getting dislocated. Straight away I knew I was in trouble – it was such a strange feeling – my arm was SO loose, limp and floppy. Luckily it found it’s way back in, but my physio was none too pleased when I rocked up today. I figured that since my arm had popped back in without any trouble, and that I was pretty much pain free, I was OK. Apparently you can do major damage with a dislocation – and he was very angry that I hadn’t got it checked out before today. So now, I’m sitting here, trying to type, trussed up like a Christmas Turkey. It turns out that my joints are quite flexible, so hopefully, I should be able to start some strengthening exercises next week.
As for Herry, he is OK (I was eventually able to get him away from the others), but will be going to a new, permanent, private paddock on Sunday. Here is a picture of us, taken quite a few years ago now. It’s one of my favourites – I’d gotten the giggles because the photographer’s assistant was throwing a toy in the air to get him to prick his ears foward and everytime she did it, he’d shy (move quickly to one direction, often in the opposite direction to you, thereby dumping you on the ground, LOL)

Photo Credit: Copyright – Julie Wilson Equine Photography


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